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 An Arab, A Mexican-Lebanese-American, 
A Ginger Mother of Two and a Gay Armenian 
Walk Into a Bar… 

[The Emerald, Vancouver, British Columbia] – Four of Los Angeles’s fastest rising standup comedians have united to create “Marginalized”, a comedy tour that takes aim at Donald Trump and the general state of disarray that is America today. All comics are very different from one another, but what they have in common is dissatisfaction with the direction their country is taking. The show’s headliner is Tamer Kattan, reigning champion of one of the biggest comedy competitions in North America: the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, and is a regular performer at LA’S most prestigious comedy clubs. He also happens to be an Arab-American that emigrated as a child from Egypt, and experienced horrific bullying, abuse and racism growing up, which left him with a thick skin and an unabashed sense of humor. 

“I was born into a family of Muslims, Christians and Jews, which left me incredibly comfortable in the uncomfortable,” says Tamer. “From school yard bullies to an abusive father, comedy quickly became a weapon of choice.” Kattan, who regularly performs alongside the likes of Judd Appatow, Nikki Glaser and Dane Cook, has toured the world with his act. He was a stand-out artist at Europe’s largest Fringe Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe, in 2014. An Edinburgh Fringe reviewer raved, “Out of all the comedians we saw, it was Tamer Kattan who was a must-see. He really steals the show. Charismatic and charming he completely held the audience through his set & had several members of the crowd literally bent over in hysterics." 

This will be Tamer’s second stint in Vancouver; the first time being pre-Trump, during the peachy-keen Obama era, when his friend and fellow Edinburgh Fringe Fest alum Byron Bertram invited him to town after wrapping in Edinburgh. Kattan’s incredibly intelligent and succinct jokes on politics, relationships and the obscure had bookers all over Vancouver scrambling to land him on their shows. Joining Kattan on tour are friends and fellow funny people Jessica Keenan (an American-born woman of Mexican-Lebanese descent), Zoe Rogers (a liberal mother of 2 young kids) and Movses Shakarian (a gay Armenian lawyer), comics carefully chosen by Kattan to give their unique perspective on marginalization in the United States. “I am normally not a political comic,” Tamer jokes, “but I’m in my 40s now, and I’m tired of being mad at the Kardashians. Time to get mad at real s—t.” 

Tamer and company are making a stop here in Vancouver at the Emerald Supper Club, on August 20th for two shows: 8pm and 10:30pm. They’re excited to make a connection with Canadian audiences, and send a message: The situation in the US could happen to you. Fight fascism. Stand Up, and Speak Out against inequality and hate. And most importantly, make it interesting and hilarious - so the masses listen to you! 

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